How to set up Miracast in Windows 10/11; fix it if it stops working?

Miracast is the latest wireless video transmission technology from your laptop display to your TV. This option is enabled by default in Win 10 and helps to transfer the image from the PC to the TV.

The transmission is carried out directly, without a router, via Wi-Fi. The transmitter is a computer with Windows 10 or a smartphone. The receiver can be an LCD TV, another monitor, or a projector.

Pros and cons of Miracast technology


  • performs video projection from PC to TV;
  • uses Wi-Fi;
  • does not require connecting a router and connecting a cable;
  • Supported on Win 10 PC and Android, iOS devices;
  • data is transferred instantly, without delay.


  • maximum resolution of transmitted video: 1920×1200;
  • it will not work to transfer Ultra HD;
  • the wireless broadcast option is installed only on PCs with Win 10 and 8.1 editions.

To use the video projection technology in Win 7, you need to install additional software on your PC. On equipment that does not support Miracast, this option can be activated via USB or HDMI, but you will need a Miracast or Mirascreen adapter.

How to check if your PC supports the technology

The wireless broadcast option is installed on laptops running Win 10. This technology is supported even in mobile devices (smartphones) with Win 10 Mobile.

How to check for an option on a PC:

  • change Run;
  • enter: “dxdiag”;
  • the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will appear;
  • the scanning process will start automatically;
  • the window will display System Information;
  • click on the line Save all information, for example, on the Desktop;
  • the saving process will be performed through a file called DxDtxt-Notepad;
  • open a saved component;
  • if there is a line Miracast: Available in the OS information list, then the device supports projection technology.

A quick way to check for Miracast on a Win 10 PC:

  • enter in the search engine: Connect;
  • the Connect apps are displayed;
  • if the list contains the word Miracast, then the technology is supported on the PC.

A quick way to check for Miracast on a smartphone with Win 10:

  • go to the home screen;
  • scroll through the list of applications;
  • find Continuum;
  • if there is the word Continuum, the technology is installed on the smartphone.

Miracast works with active Wi-Fi. It is advisable to update the monitor drivers to ensure the regular operation of this technology (program).

How to set up Miracast on Windows 10

Before activating the option to transfer video from a laptop, you need to enable broadcast reception on the TV. To complete this task, you need to open the TV settings called Network and Miracast. Instead of the Off value near Miracast, it is recommended to set it to On.

A quick way to activate video broadcast to a TV from a computer:

  • start PC;
  • simultaneously press two buttons: Win and P;
  • the Project window will appear with a list of options;
  • Click on the line Connect to a wireless display;
  • device search will start;
  • the active list will be displayed on the PC monitor;
  • choose a TV;
  • click on the name of the TV;
  • the pairing process will begin;
  • at the end of the operation, the desktop picture will appear on the TV.

When docking some devices, a message appears asking you to perform additional configuration according to the suggested instructions. If there are problems during the connection process, it is recommended to restart the PC and dock again.

Problems and difficulties

Ideally, a computer and a TV with active Miracast dock automatically, without any additional settings. The video from the PC appears on the TV, and the audio appears on the TV speakers. If problems occur during the docking process, it is recommended to find the reasons for their occurrence.

No Miracast support

How to understand that the Miracast program is not working:

  • Press Win and P;
  • instead of Project the notification, the device does not support Miracast appears;
  • in the Project window, there is no line Connected to a wireless display.

Reasons for the inactive Miracast option:

  • Miracast is not enabled on TV or PC;
  • No required software or drivers.
  • How to check if your PC is ready for Wi-Fi streaming:
  • call Command line (Administrator);
  • enter: “netsh WLAN show driver”;
  • if Wireless Display Supported: No, Wi-Fi Driver: No appears; Miracast is not supported due to the lack of drivers.

Projecting video from a PC to a TV screen, as a rule, is possible after a successful update of the Windows Wi-Fi adapter driver. You can find new software in the Microsoft Store. It will be possible to update the Windows Wireless Network Adapter drivers when the Internet is on through the Device Manager.

The Miracast option is often not responding due to two active opportunities in the Group Policy Management Editor. You can find such components on the Group Policy console in the Computer Configuration directory, the Wireless Network (802.11) Policies folder. To Miracast activate, it is recommended to deactivate Prevent connection to Adhoc networks and Don’t allow WI-FI Directgroups.

No connection

If both docked devices have Miracast, but there is no wireless connection, then it is recommended to restart the laptop and TV and then try to dock them again.

The connection must be made near the TV. Turning off the equipment that distributes wireless Internet and interferes with the room is advisable.

How to activate Wi-Fi video broadcasting:

  • On option Miracast on TV;
  • go to the PC and use the Settings console;
  • activate Devices;
  • select the section Bluetooth and other devices;
  • activate Add Bluetooth or another device;
  • you will be able to add a device;
  • start Wireless display or docking station;
  • the TV name will appear in the Bluetooth section;
  • simultaneously press Win and P;
  • use Project and activate Connect to a wireless display.

Today, these are all possible Miracast settings. We hope you find what you need here. Write in the comments whether you use Miracast and how the system works for you.