CE-34878-0 Error in PS4

Often, starting the toy, the PS4 error CE-34878 0 pops up. Let’s see what it means and how to deal with it.​

Application error

Code CE-34878-0 means that there is an application bug. In the classification of Playstation errors, the letters CE mean that this problem belongs to other issues. It pops up most often when a toy or application has crashed.

It would seem that the solution is simple – reboot and play. But in the gamer’s experience, it turned out that this does not fix the problem.

Even Sony technical support did not know how to solve it for a long time. Until they finally wrote the instructions.


So, let’s see how they suggest we fix the error with the CE-34878-0 code. They offer the following instructions:

  • First, the broken program must be closed. To do this, hover over the icon, and click on the options button. Among the proposed items, click on “finish” and confirm your choice.
  • After that, update the application and the PS4 SO to the new version.
  • Restart your device.
  • The problem may occur if you installed a third-party hard drive on the set-top box. Try replacing it with the original one.

If this does not help, start the initialization process. Remember that you must make a backup copy of all data before doing this.

Does the error become systematic? Then contact support.

Where is it most common?

There are some applications and games where this bug most often crashes. Among the most frequent requests on the subject, it flew in the latest Assassin, Warzone multiplayer, and the IVI movie app.

We decided to give them special attention.

Let’s see why most often, the error crashes here. We will also help you fix it.

Troubleshooting games

Most often, the bug took off, and the toys began to exceed the hardware requirements.

Similar was seen in The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs 2, GTA 5, and many others.

Specifically, in Assassin Valhalla, the bug was repaired in two ways:

  • Restarting PS4.
  • Database reconstruction.

Or just split the game and reinstall it. Before that, it is better to copy the saves to a USB flash drive or the cloud. However, most games can be treated this way. But will it help players like Megogo, IVI, and others?​

How to troubleshoot apps

Entertainment apps like IVI, Youtube, and Megogo work differently than games. But still, a similar bug often happens here too.

Sometimes clearing the cache is enough. For example, in the same IVI, there is a separate button for this.

Then exit the program. Reboot the console along with the router to which it is connected. Then relaunch the application.

If this does not help, the IVI technical department recommends going to the “Technical Information” section. From there, start the process of measuring the connection speed. Then screenshot the result. The screen itself must be sent to their technical department.

For some applications, the procedure may differ. It is better to look for answers to questions on developers’ websites because the solutions may vary.

Additional Tips

Now you know what the CE-34878-0 PS4 error means and how to fix it. To avoid some of the difficulties that have arisen with this problem, try to do the following:

  • Update CO and the games themselves with applications in time.
  • Make frequent backups of your saves, screenshots, and everything you hold dear.
  • Save your account information. It is better to write down on some KeyPass.
  • Do a database rebuild at least once a year.
  • Do not be afraid to uninstall games if an error occurs. Sometimes reloading helps.

Write in the comments if you have experienced similar problems. How were they solved? Did this guide help?